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The Real Flower Power


Our purpose is to offer nature’s opportunity for a better quality of life.

Bwell Healing Center is a place where optimism and wellness is our main goal for our clients. We are committed to patients that are open to seek alternative help for treating their symptoms. Earth has given us the perfect tools to deal with different obstacles in life. Our disposition to help people is what makes our facilities full of enlightenment, relief and positivity.



1. What is b.Friends Rewards Program?

b.Friends Rewards Program is Bwell’s way to give you back for your advocacy. You’ll earn points with your purchases which you can redeem for discounts and gifts.

2. How does it work?

  • Once you become a Bwell patient and with your first purchase, you’ll get automatically enrolled in the Program
  • With each purchase you’ll earn points
  • For each dollar you’ll earn 5 points
  • You’ll then have three instances to redeem the points:
    • 1,000 points
    • 3,000 points
    • 6,000 points
  • Each level grants you with specific benefits
  • For more information of the benefits in each level, please go here, log in using your email address in our records and you’ll get an updated list of the benefits
  • Once you redeem the used points will get deducted from your balance

3. Will my points expire?

Your points are yours to use, and will expire only after three months of inactivity in your account; therefore, we encourage you to keep your account active to avoid losing any of your points.

4. Where do I see my points?

  • Login here using the email address Bwell has in your record
  • You will have access to see your current balance
  • Please allow 2-3 days for the purchases to show in this page
  • Remember you can always ask your Bwell Budtender about your current balance

5. Limit in redemptions

  • Redemption can only be used once per visit/purchase on a daily basis
  • If you have enough points to meet different redemption levels, you can redeem them over time but never on the same day.

6. Pick-up / Deliveries

All your purchases, once they are paid in full, are considered in b.Friends Rewards Program and that includes in-dispensary purchases, pick-up orders and deliveries

7. Requirements for redemption

  • Patient is required to have a valid Medical Cannabis Patient License and Medical Recommendation to redeem the points
  • Points are non-transferable


I asked my physician about medical cannabis treatment and he/she said no. I still want to explore this option. What can I do?

If your physician said no, it’s either because he/she doesn’t think it’s right for your condition, or he/she does not support the cannabis industry. To ensure you are getting the right response, you may visit a physician authorized to recommend medical, who will let you know if you are eligible. If not, then medical cannabis might just not be right for you.

I have always visited the same physician, but he/she doesn’t appear on the list of physicians authorized to recommend medical cannabis. What can I do?

Physicians licensed to recommend medical cannabis are only a few in Puerto Rico. Here is a list of all the available ones in the island with their contact information. They are the only ones who will be able help you obtain a medical cannabis certification.

I already submitted all the paperwork. When will I obtain my certification card?

The Health Department takes about 3-4 weeks in processing your registration as a patient. You will receive a telephone call from them letting you know your licence is ready.

For how long is my medical cannabis certification valid? What do I do when it expires?

Your medical cannabis certification is valid for a year. For the time being, after that year has passed, you must go through the same process again to validate it for another year. Since not a whole year has passed from its legalization, this process can undergo some changes in the future. The Health Department will let us know in time what are the exact steps for this re-validation of cannabis usage certification.


Can I overdose on cannabis?

You cannot overdose on cannabis. Consuming too much will not be bad for your body, but it could have side effects such as paranoia, nausea and dizziness.

How do I know what dosage is right for me?

Depending on your condition, your Budtender will recommend your dosage. However, cannabis works differently on every body. The same strain and dosage can have different results on different people. The process is trial and error. For example, some dosages may be too low, so next time you may try a higher dosage, or vice versa. Your Budtender will give you a margin of limits to experiment with your dosage.

What strain should I use?

There are many strains that can have the same effect on you, as well as different effects. All strains are part of one of these species: Sativa, Hybrid or Indica. Depending on your symptoms, your Budtender will assign a species that will work better for you. For example, if Sativa has the healing components you need, there will be a variety of Sativa strains your Budtender will advise for your use.

How long do the effects last?

Although the effect of cannabis depends on the dosage and product you use, it is known to last about 4-6 hours. However, cannabis is also progressive, which means that if you keep taking it every day, your symptoms can decrease in long-term time periods.

What’s the difference among the products?

Each product is made from a different strain. Whether it’s the actual flower or an oil, the dosage and the strain in the product is what will make the effect different. 5mg of THC will always work the same on your body, but, depending on the product, the effects will take longer or be faster. The fastest acting way to “feel” the changes is inhaling the THC or/and CBD by vaping the flower or vaping CO2 oils. The capsules and the edibles can take up to an hour to take effect, making the process a little bit longer. Depending on your condition, your Budtender will let you know how fast and consistent your body needs to feel the THC or CBD.

How do I use my grinder?

A grinder has 3 compartments: the top cap, the middle grinding mechanism and the bottom cap. First, insert pieces of flower in the top part of the grinder and close it like you would a water bottle cap. Rotate the cap in any direction until the product has been filtered to the bottom of the grinder. Open the bottom cap to see the cannabis completely ground and ready to use.

How do I use my vaporizer?

First, you will have to grind your product. There will be a lot of product available in your grinder, but you will only need a pinch, as the vaporizer compartment is slightly small and has to be kept clean and unclogged. Insert a pinch of your product in the vaporizer compartment located at the middle-top. Close the compartment and inhale through the straw-like top while pressing the middle button at the same time. Your Budtender will assign the number of inhalations you need to take.

Can I use a card from another state in Puerto Rico?

Yes, you may use a card from another state in Puerto Rico. However, you must obtain a recommendation letter from the Puerto Rico Health Department and bring it with you to the dispensary. This is necessary because the conditions for authorized for cannabis in Puerto Rico’s may not be the same as in other countries.

Does my health plan cover medical cannabis?

The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) still doesn’t approve medical cannabis as part of their products. This doesn’t mean it’s not effective as other drugs, but it is so for other economic reasons. Because of this, it’s not eligible for health plans to insure it.

Can I go to more than one dispensary?

In theory, you can go to more than one dispensary. However, each dispensary asks for a separate, new sealed letter from the Puerto Rico Health Department, the one you got with your license, so you would have to request more than one for multiple dispensaries. Due to our partnership with NextGen Pharma, our patients and their patients can purchase at both dispensaries.

What do I need for my first purchase at Bwell?

You will need your medical cannabis license, a photo ID, and cash. We have ATM service. If you obtained your certification elsewhere, you will also need the sealed letter you received with your license the day you got it.