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Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in 3 Easy Steps

At Bwell we can help you obtain or renew your medical cannabis secure and easily. Just contact us below or follow our easy steps and pickup your medical card in any of our dispensaries of your preference. 

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How it Works?


To start, just fill our online form below so our doctors can learn more about your conditions and needs.


One of our doctors will contact after submitting the form to evaluate you for a recommendation for use of medical cannabis.


You will receive an email after your evaluation with the many locations where you can pickup your  license.

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Medical Card Pickup Locations

Bwell Condado

Bwell Condado


Our service offered is completely legal. Law 42-2017 authorizes doctors to prescribe Cannabis for medicinal use when treating certain conditions. Law 169-2018 authorizes the use of telemedicine and the online management service with the patient’s consent to process their application on their behalf at the Department of Health.


The process involves several steps:

  1. Start with you registering by filling out a short form where your demographic and health information is collected.
  2. In that form you also include a photo of your official government identification (driver’s license, passport, Real ID, etc.)
  3. When you complete the registration, you select your service plan and issue the corresponding payment.
  4. A doctor will contact you for an evaluation.
  5. If qualified, the doctor certifies a recommendation for the use of Medicinal Cannabis.
  6. With this recommendation and other documents, you can go to the Puerto Rico Department of Health to request your Medical Cannabis license. For a complete list of necessary documents please visit:ón%20de%20Pacientes%20para%20el%20Uso%20de%20Cannabis%20Medicinal.pdf
  7. If you choose our full service plan, we will manage all the necessary documents and monetary requirements in the Health Department for you in an expedited manner.
  8. After 24 to 48 hours, you will receive by email your voucher that authorizes you to buy Medicinal Cannabis for 30 days in any dispensary.
  9. At the end of the 30 days, you will receive your official license for the use of Medicinal Cannabis in the dispensary of your selection.


We use the highest standards to ensure the protection of your patient information, including that all our digital platform is encrypted and protected by SSL, as well as all digital communication. We comply with all the requirements of the Medical Insurance Transfer and Liability Act known as HIPPA.