Let’s get our friendship started.

BFriends is a rewards program where patients earn points that can be redeem at three different levels:



$5 off your next purchase​



$15 off your next purchase



$30 off your next purchase

Here are some frequently asked questions. Between friends everything should be crystal clear.


What is BFriends Rewards Program?

BFriends Rewards Program is Bwell’s way to give you back for your advocacy. You’ll earn points with your purchases which you can redeem for discounts and gifts.


How does it work?

a. Once you become a Bwell patient and with your first purchase, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the Program.
b. With each purchase you’ll earn points.
c. For each dollar you’ll earn 5 points.
d. You’ll then have three instances to redeem the points:
• 1,000 points
• 3,000 points
• 6,000 points
e. Each level grants you with specific benefits.
f. Log in to this page to verify your points. Your profile will show an actualized figure of the amount of points available.
g. Once you redeem, the used points will get deducted from your balance.


Will my points expire?

Your points are yours to use, and will expire only after three months of inactivity in your account; therefore, we encourage you to keep your account active to avoid losing any of your points.


Where do I see my points?

• Log in to your profile using the email address Bwell has in your record.
• You will have access to see your current balance.
• Please allow 2-3 days for the purchases to show in this page..
• Remember you can always ask your Bwell Budtender about your current balance.


Limit in redemptions

• Redemption can only be used once per visit/purchase on a daily basis.
• If you have enough points to meet different redemption levels, you can redeem them over time but never on the same day.


Pick-up / Deliveries

All your purchases, once they are paid in full, are considered in BFriends Rewards Program and that includes in-dispensary purchases, pick-up orders and deliveries.


Requirements for redemption

• Patient is required to have a valid Medical Cannabis Patient License and Medical Recommendation to redeem the points.
• Points are non-transferable.

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