B.well Ambassador is a program for employees of the tourism industry in Puerto Rico.

Enjoy exclusive benefits for both you and the patients you refer.

With the key you have access to:


Join in the dispensaries Bwell in Condado and Old San Juan

Frequent questions

The B.Well Ambassador program is for a  selected group of patients who work for the hospitality industry to enjoy benefits and discounts for referring new patients to participating dispensaries.

  • The B.Well Ambassador accumulates 1,000 rewards points for each new patient referred to one of our dispensaries, a cash equivalent of $5.00.
  • The rewards points can be accumulated for future purchases, if the ambassador remains active.
  • Receive product discounts.
  • Express Pickup on every purchase.
  • If you are a loyal and recurrent patient on B.Wells’ dispensaries and work in the hospitality industry (restaurant, hotels, cruise ships, transportation), you can automatically enroll in the program and enjoy the benefits.
  • To enroll in the program you must visit a participating B.Well dispensary, with an active cannabis patient license, and complete the enrollment form to validate you comply with the eligibility requirements of working within the hospitality industry.
  • Once you are duly registered, you will receive an exclusive B.Well Ambassador card identified with your Ambassador number, plus a bag with B.Well Ambassador poker chips identified with you Ambassador number. You should use the chips to promote and refer new patients to purchase at our B.Well dispensaries.
  • Once the new referred patient visits a B.Well dispensary, he/she must present the B.Well Ambassador poker chip and/or the B.Well Ambassador number so that the Ambassador can accumulate one-thousand (1,000) rewards points for that new patient.
  • For more information about the B.Well Ambassador program, its benefits and terms and conditions please visit bwell.pr/ambassador.

Once you redeem the used points will get deducted from your balance.

  • Your points are yours to use and will expire only after six months of inactivity in your account; therefore, we encourage you to keep your account active to avoid losing any of your points.
  • Points for new referred patients will be updated on a weekly basis.
  • To access and view your current points balance you must download our B.Well App for iPhone or Android.
  • Remember you can always ask your B.Well Budtender about your current balance.
  • Redemption can only be used once per visit/purchase on a daily basis


  • If you have enough points to meet different redemption levels, you can redeem them over time but never on the same day.


  • Redemption dollars will not be paid out in cash or store credit.

All your purchases, once they are paid in full, are considered in the B.Well Ambassador Program and that includes in-dispensary purchases, pick-up orders and deliveries

  • B.Well Ambassadors are required to be an active Medical Cannabis Patient with a valid Medical Cannabis Patient License and Medical Recommendation to redeem the points.
  • The B.Well Ambassador must refer a minimum of three (3) new patients per month; be an active B.Well Ambassador with monthly purchases; and agree to the terms and conditions ( https://bwell.pr/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Terms-and-Conditions-Brand-Ambassador.pdf ).
  • Points are non-transferrable.